Clean Development Mechanism – CDM projects under UNFCCC accreditation

ICONTEC offers validation and verification services direct without outsourcing operated from headquarters, for projects aimed at the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), regulated by the United Nations in compliance with the commitments generated by the Kyoto Protocol.

This mechanism allows developing countries that do not have greenhouse gas reduction commitments to develop projects to reduce or remove these gases. These reductions or removals can be certified and sold to those countries with reduction commitments, for which the project must be validated and verified, in order to demonstrate that the reductions or removals are achieved in the declared period.

ICONTEC is the only Latin American organization accredited as an Operational Entity Designated by the CDM Executive Board (UNFCCC) for the validation and verification of this type of projects and maintains its accreditation in the following sectors:

  • 1.    Energy Industries (renewable/non-renewable sources).
  • 2.    Energy distribution.
  • 3.    Energy demand.
  • 7.    Transport.
  • 13.  Waste management and disposal.
  • 14.  Afforestation and reforestation

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